Lowe Frequency: January 2022. Illustrator/Designer for a page as part of the official BAA (British Animation Awards) 2022 edition brochure.
The IBanker. December 2021 (ongoing). Illustrator/Designer for the UK based banking website TheIBanker:
Animar Animation Studios. January – December 2021. ToonBoom Harmony Rigger/Animator on the animated short film The Hedgehog Tree, a collaboration between Animar Media SL in Barcelona and Sardinia Film Commission in Sardinia.
Oracle Corporation. May 2021. Character Designer on the 2d animated video Compliance Video, aimed at Oracle’s Asia Pacific customers.
Agency AHSI S.p.A. February 2021 – ongoing. Character Designer, Storyboard Artist, Rigger, ToonBoom Harmony Animator, Compositor and Co-Director on the web series Glas & Blok.
Oracle Corporation. May 2021. Character Designer for the project “Compliance Video”, an animation aimed at Oracle’s Japan and Asia Pacific customers. Initial digital sketches led to final vector turnarounds done in Adobe Illustrator.

NAS (New Animation Sardinia). Sept 2020 – December 2021. ToonBoom Harmony Rigging and Animation Internship at the NAS studio in Cagliari (IT).

Oracle Corporation. May-July 2020. Character and Prop Designer on the animated series Tip Tuesday, and Storyboard Artist on the animated series Consumption Junction, two fun shows made for Oracle’s worldwide clients to share precious business tips.

Shelley Fordred. Dec 2019-March 2020. Storyboard Artist/Designer/Animator/Director on a music video to complement the single Hide and Seek by UK singer Shelley Fordred and produced at Blue Room Studios in London. 

Littlehorse. Sept/Oct 2019. 2D Designer and Animator on the British animated comedy short film Sammy Says.  

TheFCStartMovie. May 2019. Animate/After Effects Animator and Compositor on the Canadian commercial Ratpac.

Momoyama. May-Sept 2019. Traditional Animator on the British short film Men Only, currently in production.

Gymboree Play & Music. March/April 2019. Designer/Animator on a promo video for the summer camp 2019:   

Phycon LTD. January/February 2019. Designer and Animator on the promo video Piens un augli mani draugi commissioned by a Latvian school organisation to promote their scheme of fruit and milk distribution around Latvian schools.

The Sweetshop TV.  Nov/Dec 2018. Storyboard Artist on a commercial for the new Lincoln flagship Store opening  in Shanghai, China.

Stephen Lally. May/July 2018. Storyboard Artist, Designer and 2D Animator on the short film trailer Friends in Strange Places.

MORGAN/She the Throne. Dec 2017/Jan-Feb 2018. 2D Designer and Animator for the UK Singer MORGAN on a music video to complement her single Hells Paradise.

Sharjah Internation Book Fair. November 2017. Animation Workshop Leader during the children activities of the Book fair in Sharjah, UAE. 

The Illness of being Human. October/November 2017. TV Paint traditional Animator on the short film The Illness of being Human:   

Central Saint Martins. February/March 2017. Lecturer in the College premises over the short course Drawn Animation for beginners.  

Cartoon Museum. December 2016-Ongoing. Animation Workshop Leader at the Cartoon Museum in London, UK.

Seed Animation. October 2016. Photoshop and After Effect Animator on a series of animated gifs for Skype

Animated Storyboards. Ongoing. Storyboard Artist on Commercial projects worldwide.

BBC Worldwide. July 2016. Digital Animator on the Doctor WhoThe Power of the Daleks animated series:

Mati SRL. April/May/June 2016. Digital Animator on the educational TV series Pam Up.

HOWOW Studio. Oct-Nov 2015. 2D Animator/Designer on a number of projects, including the music video Winter Moves in for the folk band The Black Feathers: and the educational series Fantastic Phonic Books

TED-Ed. August 2015. Digital Animator on the animated documentary The History of the Great Wall of China

Baby TV. June 2015.Animate/AE Animator on an explainer video on the topic of stem cells.

Esperanza Film Productions. May 2015. Character Designer/Concept Artist/Illustrator on the animated short film Princess Clarisa.

Altitude Education. March 2015 Designer/Illustrator on the educational app Learn with Pip:

Volition Media. February 2015. Digital Animator on Think Glucose, an explainer video for NHS and St. Thomas’ Hospital.

Baby TV. January 2015. Animate/AE Animator on a promo video for the pet health care product Zylkène.

Desert Clouds. Nov 2014 – Feb 2016. Stop Motion Animator on the music video Charred Home by the London band Desert Clouds:  

Kolanut Productions. Oct/Dec 2014. Traditional Animator on the TV series Red Origins’ pitch.

Chiswick Holiday Courses. July 2014-ongoing. Animation Course Leader at Ellen Wilkinson School for juveniles aged 7 to 16.

Tinjo Studios. November 2013/June 2014. Storyboard Artist/Animator on the animated short film Mika Macaroni.

Blueprint TV. October 2013.Illustrator/Character Designer on an animated promo video pitch for Virgin Atlantic

Bold Creative. Sept/Oct 2013. Compositor/Animator/Illustrator on the iPhone app of the marvelous John Lewis Christmas advert The Bear and the Hare. Here it is:

ShaggyBush. April/June 2013. Digital Designer/Animator/Director on an intro for the Show Kidz Time TV.  Here’s the show’s website (my animation is in the episode up there):

Phink TV. April/May 2013. Storyboard Artist on a number of commercials for the beverage brand King Carlos.

Pasticherie/Donut Boys Studios, CA. February/June 2013. Traditional in between Animator and Compositor of an animated pilot for the TV series The Chalice of Evermoon.

Loud Magenta. June/July 2012. Dgital Designer/Animator/Director of a promo video for the app Paipro:

Snazzy Alley. May 2012.Character Designer and Concept Artist on Snazzy Alley, an animated TV Series pitch. 

Rosalind Stoddart. Feb/April 2012. 2D Animator on the short film BB and his world:

POPS. February 2012. Digital Designer/Animator/Director of a short animation for POPS Android phone app. 

 Picasso Pictures. Sept/Oct 2011. Digital Animator on two commercials for Gulf Air.

Tandem Films. August 2011. Digital clean up Animator on the iPhone app Inovelon.

 Pasticherie/Spider Eye. July/August 2011. Traditional Assistant Animator on the short film A to Z.

   Pasticherie. Feb/March 2011. Traditional in between Animator and AE Compositor for the animated video Oink.

Let me feel your finger first. May/June 2011. Traditional in between Animator/AE compositor on Post Colonial Cannibal, directed by Richard Squire. A little taster:

   Glasshead. Jan/Feb 2011. Digital Animator and Co–Director on the BBC web project Webwise.

Ewav Works. Nov/Dec 2010. Digital Animator on Being Red, made in occasion of World AIDS day 2010.

DC Turner/Prowl Media. October 2010. Digital clean up Animator on the short film Storm, based on a poem by Australian comedian Tim Minchin.

Bold Creative. July 2010. Digital clean up Animator on the short film Jihadist, commissioned by the Foreign Office

Chase Imagination. July 2010.  Digital shadow Animator on the Virgin Trains on-line game Don’t go zombie.

Community Barnet. June/July 2010.Digital Animator/Co-Designer/Co-Director and workshop leader on the short film Sophia’s Story, commissioned by Youth &Connexions and Community Barnet.

BreakThru Films. May 2010. Traditional Animator on the short film The Night Island, as part of The Flying Machine – the world of Chopin’s Etudes,  made in occasion of Chopin’s 200th anniversary. Here’s the film’s trailer:

Open Book/Tokyo Plastic. May – Nov 2010. Traditional Animator on The Autumn Sea, a short film by Tokyo Plastic for MTV Europe.

Chase Imagination. March 2010. Traditional Animator and Clean up Artist on  the feature film Gallow Walkers.

Trunk Animation/Zeppelin Films. Jan/Feb 2010. Digital clean up Animator on the short film The man with the cardboard head,  by Pedro Lino. Here is the official trailer of the film:

Loolatopia. July/Sept 2009.Digital Animator on the children karaoke music video Superhero Street. 

Bitbots. August 2009. Toy Designer for Bitbots, a London based vinyl toy company.

Chase Imagination. April/May 2009.Traditional Animator on the short film  Samurai, for History Channel

Empress Stah. March/April 2009. Digital Animator/Director on a stage video which was part of the Trapeze/Burlesque show Zero G.

National Gallery. March-June 2008. Graduation Film commissioned by the National Gallery on the theme of Transcriptions.


July/August 2013.Visual Storyboarding for Animation training course.Lupus Films Studio. 339 Upper St, London N1 0PB.

 2007 – 2008. Post Graduate Diploma in 2D Character Animation

University of the Arts, London Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, School of Graphic and Industrial Design  2 – 6 Catton Street, London, WC1R 4AA.

1999 – 2005. Painting Degree

Rome Academy of Fine Arts

222 Via Ripetta, Rome, 08186 Italy.   

1994 – 1999. Advertising and Logo Graphic Design Diploma

Rome Art State Institute

45 Via Argoli, Rome, 00100 Italy.

SOFTWARE SKILLS: CC Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, TV Paint, Dragonframe, ToonBoom Storyboard Pro.