Following are five Animatics I produced very recently over the length of one month of intensive Storyboarding course run by the legendary Frank Gladstone at Lupus Films, London. Here are the fruits of my labour of love. We had the opportunity of using original scripts from two animated series, which were kindly lended to us by the respective studios. It has been a blast of a month!


A short and funny Storyboard/Animatic I designed and directed about the "art" of Frog Fishing/Picking, featuring two of my favourite characters (created by myself)!



 Little Dino Animatic. Just a tiny animatic I made as a first assignment, practicing with Toonboom Storyboard Pro.




"Bad Luck" Animatic. Based on a scene and dialogue from the film "Moonstruck". 



"Amazing Things" Animatic. Based on a script by a cartoon series in development at Baby Cow, who kindly allowed us to use it over the course.



"Dennis & Gnasher" Animatic. Based on a script of the popular cartoon series by Red Kite Animation, who kindly allowed us to use it over the course. 



 A quick sketchy animatic I've put together for a really fun and quirky animation project I'm currently working on for a client. More of it to come soon!