Some of my favorite compilations I've put together featuring loads of stop motion animations done by many of my talented students over my animation workshops across London Town (and sometimes beyond), followed by a nice collection of photos taken over many of the workshops I've been running across London so far.
A playlist featuring all the compilations from my many Stop Motion workshops with the kids at the Cartoon Museum, London!



A playlist I made featuring all the Stop Motion Animations produced by a bunch of talented kids over a very special, beautiful Guy Fawkes themed workshop which took place in Lewes, Sussex.




A playlist feauturing many of the stop motion animations produced by my students over the Animation course I lead at Chiswick Holiday Courses. 



A lovely montage feauturing a wonderful vegetable themed workshop I ran at Walthamstow - The Mall over Easter 2017 in collaboration with Secret Seed Society. The kids built their own veggie characters and then animated them on the little stage we provided for me, creating choreographies and cool dance moves!



A compilation I made feauturing the Flash Animation work by a group of talented secondary school children over an animation course I ran.